Rest in peace, Harold Ramis.

Rest in peace, Harold Ramis.

This is my happy place.

21st century Zack Morris? I’m so excited…

A little while ago, I asked my Google+ followers if I should buy a movie that I worked on (and never got paid for).

Despite the great advice, I decided to use some expiring Google Play store credit and bought it. I definitely got $9 worth of entertainment out of this.

Craig Ferguson explains how advertisers have created a youth-oriented society, and how this has lead to the glorification of stupidity. It’s like “Jaywalking,” but brilliant and funny and not at all like “Jaywalking.”

What do bacon donuts taste like, you ask? Like freedom. (And grease.)

Busy news day, Yahoo… am I right?

Is it ok for me to use these? I want to be lazy, but not at the cost of offending others.


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